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PVCgranules.com is a trade mark of TRH Trading BV. This company was formed by Hendrik Wolters who has been in the PVC business for over a decade. For many years we have supplied PVC granules to compression moulding companies, horse arenas and traders. From 1999 to 2001 we were located in Camden Town, London, trading under the name of Stormline Ltd.

With this website we want to make the PVC business as simple as possible, with no hidden charges.

- All prices quoted are per metric tonne, Exclusive of VAT.
- Delivered in bulk on an artic tipper.
- With a minimum load of 24 tonnes.

And even better, if you have a VAT number, we do not have to charge you VAT as we are located in the Netherlands.
All payments can easily be made via your local branch into our UK bank account.
If you need more information, simply fill in the application form, and we will contact you as soon as possible, or if you want to call us, our number is 0031-591-354077

Let me give you our address details,

PVCgranules.com ( TRH Trading BV )
Rademakerstraat 12-14
7881 JZ Emmercompascuum
the Netherlands

Tel 0031-591-354077
Fax 0031-591-354403